About Us

B-Enzo is a chain of premium unisex salons for hair and beauty treatments.

The first B-Enzo centre was started in 2001 by Mr. Chandrashekar M.S., in posh area of J.P.Nagar’s II-Phase, Bangalore. The branch set record standards which became benchmarks for others to follow.
B-Enzo Stands for Brilliant’s Victory, and living upto its name, the branch paved way for repeating the success story through other B-Enzo branches which followed.


The rich yet gentle aesthetics of our salon, toned with soft, muted lights helps you relax & make you feel beautiful inside while we work to make the already lovely you, look even more beautiful from outside.


We don’t just offer you attention, we pamper you.


We love what we do & that radiates in the way we make you feel special. After all, making you feel & special is what makes us feel the same.

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