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Bridal Make-up:

On the most special day of your life
Allow us to make you look the most special
So that you remember for your lifetime
How beautiful you looked on that beautiful day


Air Brush Make-up:

The air-brushing sits evenly on the skin, providing flawless coverage and seamless blending making you look like a complete diva.



Facial Treatments




Luminous Gel Peel Facial:

The SkinCeuticals Gel Peel effectively repairs photodamaged skin and reduces hyper-pigmentation, making it great for use on problematic, sensitive or aging skin.


SkinCeutical Facial:

This facial rejuvenates your skin and gives it an unparalleled radiance, adding to your beauty.



Complete Hair Care & Styling




Hair Styling:

From the hairstyle you fell in love with when you saw it on the actress in a recent movie to the hairstyle which elevates your mood, allow our stylists to create magic.



Be it those oh-so-fashionable streaks, or the perfect shade of colour you have been searching for, we have it all. We suggest what will suit you to give your hair the perfect colour.




Mythic Oil Rituals:

The new Mythic Oil Treatment Bar features indulgent salon rituals that use powerful oil concentrates to clear & nourish your hair while protecting the colour.


Spa & Skin Care



Heel Peel Exotica:

Heel Peel is a revolutionary, hygienic foot care therapy that removes hard skin, heals cracked heals and gives you those soft princess feet which add to the looks of that new footwear you brought.




Rejuvenating Facials:

The pocket & skin friendly range of facials, cleanse the skin and moisturises it in a way that will make your fingers slip over the smoothness of your skin.

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